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Nourish Your Skin, Nurture A Child!

We make skin-friendly and planet-friendly bath boosters. Whilst sourcing the most ethical supply chains, we realized we wanted to do even more to help the population, where our botanical ingredients grow. We do this by sponsoring SOS Children’s Villages, starting in Madagascar, an area where the botanical ingredients for our essential oils are grown. We have fully committed to this social responsibility by giving it equal weight in our business model (see below*). This means:-





We started out with the simple belief that everyone deserves to indulge in some simple luxuries of life and that bath time pampering is one of life’s most accessible pleasures. But for those with dry or sensitive skin, bath additives sometimes make matter worse. For others, fizzy baths are a luxury and only an occasional treat.    

So Nature Moon has formulated an incredible, skin and planet friendly range of fizzy bath boosters, offering a spa experience at an affordable price. 

Nature Moon does not use ANY artificial colours or artificial fragrances on our bath boosters. The natural equivalents are very expensive, despite which, Nature Moon is committed to producing only the finest products. 

Every product is handmade using premium quality and ethically sourced ingredients. 

We are very proud to include 10% pre-biotic colloidal oatmeal* in all our bath boosters  (*Clinically proven to moisturise and reduce itching.)

Nature Moon’s re-sealable pouches mean you can sprinkle as much or as little as you want, of our bath booster, making it economical to indulge yourself more often.

Choose from

 Fragrance Free – 

For children (over 3 years); during pregnancy or if you have sensitive skin.  


Perfumed –

Our expertly blended, essential oil range.     

Nourish your Skin, Nurture a Child!

*NatureMoon‘s Business Objects

The objects of the company are to carry out such business and related activities as will in the opinion of the directors ensure an ethical business and social enterprise in equal measure. As a business, NatureMoon manufactures and retails deluxe bath additives with the goal of reducing harmful impacts on people and the planet, by producing skin-friendly and planet-friendly products. As a social enterprise, NatureMoon actively benefits children in need with proceeds from 50% of profits, donated to SOS Children’s Villages reg charity number 1069204 in order to deliver humanitarian and developmental assistance to vulnerable children in poverty-stricken countries (in proximity to the source of NatureMoon’s luxury ingredients).

 The business model for NatureMoon’s social enterprise activities is revenue generated from products sold and, as a result of the carrying out of such activities, to:

  • promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole; and
  • enable the company, through its business and operations, to have a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole.