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Skin-friendly, Planet-friendly.

Supporting your skin’s natural barrier using active *prebiotic oatmeal and other natural plant ingredients.

Everything is ethically sourced without harming people, animals or the environment.

Our Naturally Fragranced Range:-

Blue Moon Bath Booster  

Harvest Moon Bath Booster

Sugar Moon Bath Booster

Rose Moon Bath Booster

Our Inspiration.

We started with the simple belief that everyone deserves to indulge in simple luxuries and that bath time pampering is one of life’s most accessible pleasures. But for those with dry or sensitive skin, bath additives and soap can make matters worse. 

To combat this concern NatureMoon has formulated an incredible, skin and planet friendly range of fizzy bath boosters, offering a spa experience everyday. NatureMoon Bath Boosters are designed to fizz gently with a light foaming action, gently cleansing and softening, leaving skin feeling silky. 

NatureMoon does not use ANY artificial colours or artificial fragrances in our bath boosters. Our chosen, natural ingredients are luxurious and expensive, but we are committed to producing the finest possible products. Every bath booster is made with premium quality and ethically sourced ingredients. 

Including a healthy dose of prebiotic colloidal oatmeal* in every bath booster.  

how to use

How To Use

Run a warm bath then scatter your NatureMoon bath booster dust generously into the water. The ingredients will start with a fizz and foam, dissolving to condition the water. 

Soak for 15 minutes to allow the therapeutic benefits of the ingredients to take effect on your skin.

Only the most carefully selected and finest ingredients go into all our handmade products

planet friendly

Our Eco Friendly Credentials:-

We use completely natural perfumes & natural colourants only. 
Our products are preservative & paraben free.

We use recyclable packaging & have a zero waste policy.

The Nature Moon Team.

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