Nature Moon supports
SOS Childrens Villages.

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Nature Moon sponsors SOS Children’s Villages.

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SOS Children’s Villages is an international charity that aims to support every child to grow up with the love and support of a family.

SOS Children’s Village’s support children separated from their families or at risk of separation from them.

SOS Children’s Villages believe that children deserve more than just survival. They have a right to grow up in a
safe and caring family environment, giving them the best chance of a secure future.

SOS Children’s Villages’ goal is to ensure that no child grows up alone.


A world where every child has a family, a community and a chance to grow up feeling cared for and loved.


Every child has the right to fulfil their potential through the love, care and support of a family, and we ensure that no child, no family anywhere is left behind.


Collaborative – We work together to sustainably improve the lives of children and families

Authentic – We are open, honest and transparent in everything we do

Learning – We respect diversity, are open-minded, listen and learn from others

Ambitious – We want to achieve lasting change for children and families

Nourish your Skin, Nurture a Child!