Sprinkle some Sparkle
to make your bath-time Special.

Now you can finally afford to indulge yourself every day with a fun, fizzy bath. 

Our entire bath range contains

 Pre-biotic Colloidal Oatmeal and Sweet Almond Oil:-


nourishing, conditioning, and reinforcing your skin’s natural barrier.

 Our Fragrance Free range includes:-

Dragon Dust

Fairy Dust

Mermaid Dust

Unicorn Dust

Suitable for use during pregnancy and for children over 3 years.

Our Naturally Fragranced range includes:-

Moon Dust

Star Dust

Lust Dust

 Diva Dust

Suitable for all skin types.

Thank you for your interest in our heavenly range of planet and skin friendly bath products.

Our Eco Friendly Credentials:-

We use natural perfumes and natural colourants only. 
All our products are preservative free.
Our packaging is recyclable as part of the circular economy.

The Nature Moon Team