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Nourish your Skin & Nurture a Child!

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We profit-share (no less than 50%)with SOS Children’s Villages

supporting orphaned and abandoned children

living in poverty stricken areas of the world.


NatureMoon supports Toamasina an SOS Children’s Village in Madagascar.

Toamasina has a tropical climate where cyclones and flooding are common during the rainy season. The city has been completely destroyed by cyclones several times. These conditions make it even more difficult for people to find a way out of poverty. Many young children make their living by pulling rickshaw-like taxi carts.

In rural areas, life is fraught with difficulties and food security is a big problem. Malnutrition kills thousands of children under the age of 5 every year. 

Near the coastline, the tourist industry brings its share of problems. Children are exploited to make profit and exposed to sexual abuse in the worst cases. 

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Nourish your Skin & Nurture a Child!

Why Help Children in Madagascar?

Around 8.8 million children live in poverty in Madagascar.  Around 2 million children do not get enough food or good enough quality food required to be healthy. Children living in rural areas are at higher risk of malnutrition. 

The number of children in education has increased but over 900,000 do not go to school. Only one in three complete primary school, usually for economic reasons, because they have to work to contribute to family finances. Children as young as 5 can be working and not in education. They often work in dangerous and exploitative conditions. 

Around 41% of girls are married before the age of 18. Maternal mortality among young mothers is high and neonatal mortality is also high.

the largest orphaned and abandoned
children's charity in the World.

SOS Children’s Villages are an International Charity

SOS Children’s Villages believe that children deserve more than just survival. They have a right to grow up in a safe and caring family environment, giving them the best chance of a secure future. 

SOS Children’s Villages-VISION:

A world where every child has a family, a community and a chance to grow up feeling cared for and loved.

SOS Children’s Villages-MISSION:

Every child has the right to fulfil their potential through the love, care and support of a family, and we ensure that no child, no family anywhere is left behind.

Nourish your Skin & Nurture a Child!

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Rod Waddington - World Bank

Dec 2021 Update

NatureMoon supports the SOS Children’s Village in Toamasina where 87 children currently live.

Outreach support to the local community have provided nutritional food and health supplements to 48 babies and toddlers from families in need.. 

True Story:- (anonymised)

A families world fell apart when their father died leaving their mother with no income to support 7 children. Homeless and reliant on handouts from others for food, their situation was desperate until the mother reached out to SOS Children’s Village, Toamasina.  Weekly food parcels were sent and school places found for the children. A residential rehabilitation facility was funded for the youngest child who was paraplegic. Once their immediate needs were met, the mother was supported to find a sustainable way forward and chose a course, about how to run a micro business. She successfully applied for start-up funding and has now set up her own small business buying and selling vegetables. The family are now living in a safer neighbourhood. The children are doing well in school and the youngest is also making progress. This family have been enabled to stay together and build a better future.a

The Nature Moon Team.

Nourish your Skin & Nurture a Child!

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