Nourish your Skin, Nurture a Child!

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Nourish your Skin, Nurture a Child!

The Nature Moon promise brings you the very best quality, 

skin friendly bath boosters using 

planet friendly ingredients. 


Nature Moon has committed

50% of all profits to help children without parents so they can grow up in a

  caring family environment.


 Nature Moon uses the highest quality raw materials originating from

 the most ethical sources. 

Nature Moon currently supports vulnerable children at the SOS Children’s Village in 



We ONLY use NATURAL colourants which are 100% Vegan friendly.

Our mica does not come from mines who exploit children as workers.

We ONLY use NATURAL perfumes from essential oils,  

Our oils are 100% ethically farmed.


We ONLY use Eco-Friendly packaging which is 100% recyclable.

 We support the green economy with our circular packaging solution.


Our Exciting range of Bath Boosters 

add fun to your bath-time with conditioners for your skin:- 

Clinically proven*

Prebiotic Colloidal Oats 


 Sweet Almond Oil & Epsom Bath Salts.


Choose from our Fragrance-Free Range- especially for pregnant women,

children and sensitive skin-types:- 


Fairy Dust

 Mermaid Dust

Dragon Dust

Unicorn Dust


 Choose from our Perfumed Range- with natural essential oils:-


Lust Dust

Diva Dust

Star Dust

Moon Dust


With premium quality ingredients from a fair trade supply chain.

Nature Moon bath boosters are ethical fun at an affordable price.

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Nourish your Skin, Nurture a Child!

The Nature Moon Team.