planet friendly

Nature Moon is a UK-based natural cosmetics manufacturer and social enterprise. Making skin-friendly and planet-friendly bath boosters. Nature Moon‘s zero waste management policy supports their ethical identity. 

Nature Moon’s workshop follows good manufacturing guidelines with the addition of careful, handmade production, eliminating any waste products or waste materials. 

Nature Moon uses completely recyclable packaging. The Nature Moon team extensively researched all the eco-friendly available options to the best protective quality packaging that never needs to end up in landfill. Nature Moon’s packaging is a very convenient choice for consumers, with no need to visit a specialist recycling centre. 

Nature Moon continually strives for the most eco-friendly suitable packaging. Our research informs us that flexible pouches require significantly less energy and materials to manufacture than the production of plastic pots, glass jars or metal cans. This means, less waste during the production of our pouches. In addition, transporting pouches produces a reduced number of pollutive emissions as compared to other packaging options.

We have chosen flexible plastic packaging pouches for our product because they have many environmental advantages, including their ability to:

  • Reduce waste due to re-sealability
  • Extend product shelf life making our products cost effective
  • Provide consumer convenience for storage
  • Require less energy and resources to produce
  • Reduce the amount of carbon emissions during transportation

Our pouches use solventless lamination, which eliminates any risk of residual solvents in the atmosphere and is more environmentally friendly. They are printed with high tech, carbon-neutral printers which ensure the printing process is more sustainable and has a lower environmental impact than conventional printing. Less waste is produced, fewer emissions are released, and less power is used. These benefits combine to reduce petrochemical ozone creation.

We continually consider options for eco-friendly packaging and are aware of innovations in greener plastic options. For example, we researched the use of PLA as a potential green sourced laminate for pouches, but the limitations in the moisture barrier of this material make it unsuitable for our product.

We continually investigate new options so that we can always deliver our products in a safe, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly way.

The NatureMoon Team